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  • Full Training Split and Guide *This is my EXACT training*
  • Designed for beginner-advanced athletes wanting to increase muscle mass and strength
  • Plan is designed using high intensity bodybuilding (not to be confused with HIIT) similar to the methods used by Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, Hunter Labrada, and other bodybuilding greats
  • Includes training guide detailing high intensity bodybuilding training and methods and a detailed plan with specific workouts


Raw Intensity Mass Builder is a training plan designed for those wanting to put on serious muscle mass and strength. This plan and guide utilizes high intensity bodybuilding. High intensity bodybuilding incorporates heavier and more intense training than typical high volume bodybuilding training. Whether you are a beginner in the gym or someone with many years of experience throwing around iron, this plan can help you break plateaus, increase strength, and have serious muscle gains.


This plan is a 4-day training split utilizing a variation of the popular Push, Pull, Legs split. Full explanations of movements, sets, repetitions, etc are included. This is also a full training guide explaining how to successfully train using high intensity bodybuilding.  


Purchasing Info:

Plan includes PDF file: Raw Intensity Mass Builder Plan And Guide


**No refunds once the EBook has been emailed to you.

Raw Intensity Mass Builder

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