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  • 16-week plan
  • Designed for beginner-advanced hybrid athletes wanting to improve their strength, endurance, and physiques simultaneously
  • Plan is designed to prepare hybrid athletes for up to a marathon distance race while improving their strength performance and achieving their phyique goals
  • Includes training guide and detailed plan with specific workouts


This plan is a 16-week plan designed to prepare hybrid athletes to finish their first marathon or improve their marathon performance while achieving their bodybuilding and strength goals. This plan can also be used for those wanting to prepare for a shorter distance endurance race such as a half-marathon, obstacle course race, etc. This plan peaks at 35-40 miles per week and is designed to give you a strong half-marathon or marathon performance.


This plan utilizes high intensity bodybuilding for the strength component, but instructions are provided for how to use other modalities such as other bodybuilding styles and splits, CrossFit, Powerlifting, etc. The strength workouts are designed to allow the hybrid athlete to gain and/or maintain muscle mass while improving as an endurance athlete.


Before starting this plan, it is recommended that you have been running at least 10-15 miles per week and can sustain a run for  30 minutes. This plan increases mileage throughout the weeks and tapers before the race. This plan includes workout descriptions, training splits, heart rate zones, nutrition, and race day planning advice. 


Purchasing Info:

Plan includes 2 PDF files: 16-week training schedule, Total Hybrid Athlete training guide

**No refunds once the EBook has been emailed to you.

Total Hybrid Athlete

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